Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Trip Planning: Don't Overlook Local Attractions

I originally published this on my original blog but felt it was worth mentioning again.

If you are anything like me, sometimes when you think of travel, the attractions close to your home are the ones that are farthest from your mind. It sounds so much more adventurous to travel around the country, visiting whatever you stumble upon. And though that is incredible when you can do that, I want to encourage you not to forget about that wonderful park 15 minutes from your home, the unique carousel downtown or the historic mansion and gardens across town.

I couldn't believe it when we were staying in Virginia Beach and the clerk at the library told me that she'd only been to the ocean once, and she had lived there her entire life! To her, the ocean just wasn't a big deal and wasn't worth fighting the crowds for. I can understand not wanting to deal with the crowds, but there is a such thing as an off season! And yet I was speechless when the same clerk was fascinated when I told her that we were from Ohio and she remarked how fortunate we were to live by one of the Great Lakes. She'd visited family in Cleveland and just LOVED Lake Erie and couldn't wait to return! You see, sometimes we think something is better if we have to travel a huge distance to get there, or if we have to pay more to see it and we aren't appreciative of what's close by.

My 4th grade teacher once expressed regret that she'd never visited the Smucker's Jelly Plant and she grew up right down the road. She always thought since it was close by, she could visit anytime and yet she never did. I know this to be true in my own life. There are still many sites in Ohio that I'd love to go to and yes, regrettably, one of those is in the town I grew up in.

So, when you're planning a weekend getaway or a quick vacation, why not make a list of what's nearby and visit some of the local attractions? You may be surprised by what you find! ~ Happy Traveling!


  1. I pondered this same thing last summer. I grew up outside of NYC - but had never seen a lot of the sites there. We would go as teenagers to concerts there or shopping and that was it. This summer I brought my kids there and we did "the touristy stuff" as I call it. I had a blast! I saw things in that city I'd never seen before! And the kids kept reminding me, confused...huh? you lived here and were here all the time and never did this? I was equally confused as to why I missed all of that!

  2. So true! There are some awesome things to do here in Maryland--but I never think of that when we think about a vacation.

    Great suggestion, and a very practical tip in the middle of a recession!

  3. Your blog is so cute! I'm sure you have an interesting life!! That is a great tip on the local attractions. There are a few local ones that I haven't visited, but when I travel, I try to visit as many as possible! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  4. We've had so many people say thanks for showing us our state when they come along with us to do sightseeing. It cracks us up. Great post!

  5. It's a good time for it, too. Thanks for a good reminder.
    I am here from Mama Zone. I signed up to follow your blog and FB


  6. What a very exciting way to live! Thanks for stopping by my spot and following. I'm following you now too, and can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

  7. so true, i rarely visit my local attractions and i really should.

    I found you over at the mama zone from FriendDay and am now following you - I'm super excited to hear about your adventures!!

  8. Great tips!
    Following from The Mama Zone;}
    See ya soon~

  9. Thanks for the great reminder! I am amazed at how many people don't take advantage of our local sights here in Houston. But, then again, there are things we haven't been to see that we should!


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