Thursday, January 21, 2010

Strike it Rich: Gold Prospecting in the USA

Do you know that gold has been found in all 50 states? My husband is convinced that he is going to find some. Not just a little bit, but enough to really STRIKE it RICH, well actually, he'd only like to find a little bit. The emphasis is mine, but I say, if we can find a little bit of gold, why can't we find a lot? I blame our trip to Dahlonega, Georgia last year for putting that thought in his head. Our excursion to the site of the early nineteenth century gold rush was so enjoyable and relaxing that my husband decided that he could live each and every day content as a professional gold prospector.

So, for his birthday yesterday, I decided that I'd feed his obsession by purchasing a gold panning kit to get him started.

Commercial Break: If you are thinking about getting into the gold hunting business, I'd highly suggest Metal Detectors for Less where I bought a Garrett Deluxe Gold Panning Kit and a few extra videos and books. I was very impressed with the fast service that I received, I ordered on a Saturday and UPS dropped it off today (Wednesday) even though Monday was a holiday! That's what I call some fast shipping! By the way, I am not affiliated with their company at all, I just happen to be a happy customer.

Now back to my story...

My husband has spent the day planning his maiden treasure hunting excursion and as far as he's concerned, it couldn't come soon enough. However, even though gold has been found in trace amounts in all states, in many cases, it is so minute that more than likely you won't find any of this precious metal; especially if you are a novice. That's not going to keep him, well us, from looking but we could use a bit of advice. Anyone want to offer some? We'd love to know where to begin and any practical tips that you have.

So, now that you know what we'll be doing every weekend from now on, what do you do to relax?


  1. Yes, panning for gold or gem grubbing is very popular in our neck of the woods. Living in Northeast Georgia mountains I think everyone here has panned at one time or another. We love Dahlonega it is only 40 minutes from us. They have a Italian restaurant, Carusos, that we love to eat at.

  2. cute stuff! came by from SITS...have a good day!

  3. If we venture back to Dahlonega- where I would love to live by the way because it's just so cute- I'll be sure to look up Carusos so we can try their Italian grub! Thanks for the tip!:)


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