Sunday, January 10, 2010

Myth or not?

Bred and born a Yankee, growing up in the Northern States, I am accustomed to cold winter temperatures with inches and inches of snow. We play in it, drive in it and yes, go to school and shopping in it. It takes a lot of snow, really frigid temperatures, or threat of a blizzard to shut things down in my home state.

That’s why I never believed the rumors I heard growing up, thinking the source must surely have gotten their information wrong. Really wrong. But I now know the rumors are not some fantastic myth created to make us Northerners jealous, it is true. I’ve experienced it firsthand. No longer fiction, but cold, hard fact. When it snows in the South, everything really does shut down. Everything. The Interstate, the highways, even Army bases. It’s all closed. And Wal-Mart nearly runs out of food. Well, bread, milk, soup and popcorn, everything that we went to the store to buy on our regular list, not because a ‘storm’ was coming.

And how much snow does it take to cause all this upheaval? Not a lot. How about less than 2”? Just enough to cover the roads and freezing temperatures. Because unlike the Northern States, they aren’t accustomed to snow. So what little bit they do get apparently doesn’t warrant the expense of an investment in snow removal equipment that they may or may not use again this season. Or next.

But I’m not complaining, really I’m not. After all, my husband was able to enjoy a snow day with us. Who could complain about that? It WON'T be me!

I just thought I’d escaped this kind of weather, that’s all.

So, do you have snow in your neck of the woods? If so, what do you do to enjoy it?


  1. Love your blog ... just found your link at Good, True & Beautiful blog. Looking forward to exploring your site a little more in the next day or so.

    Right now, I'm just really laughing about this post!! I've spent my entire life in SC and can totally confirm how things shut down (after everyone has bought their milk & bread!!). Even at the mention of snow, I get VERY excited! Haven't seen a single flake yet this year ... still hoping and wishing ...

    Hope you have a great week!!
    ~ Joy :)

  2. That's pretty much the stance here Tonya - we get snow so rarely that its not worth spending the money on the infrastructure. In my lifetime I can count on 1 hand the number of times I've seen snow more than an inch deep. Equally, I can't remember EVER having temperatures in the negative degrees for more than a day...never mind days and weeks at a time. One thing is for sure though - we will be ready next winter!

  3. Hello from Cold Upstate NY... we have gotten snow everyday for the last month (at least an inch a day). Plus it's windy, cold and generally winter. Cancel schools? No Way!

    Of course, we have tons of trucks and salt and sand and plows rolling around the clock. I guess that makes a difference, huh?!

    Glad to "meet you!" enjoy your travels.

  4. Ha ha. I'm from the Northeast too (Ithaca, NY) but now living in the south, and can totally relate. It cracks me up!

  5. This is too funny...but true! As a true southerner too, I can tell you it's all true down to the bread and milk. If there are 2 inches of snow in the forecast...there is excitement in the air!

    yeah buddy...gotta shut er down..

    Raised in west Tennessee and now live in East Texas and would love to see snow.

    Great blog!

  6. I am down in the Birmingham area of Alabama, and I am so disappointed that despite a few flakes nothing ever stayed for any length of time. Having over a solid week of temperatures from teens to freezing and not enough snow to even make a snowball. Somehow it does not seem fair. I hope you enjoyed your snow, though!

  7. Living in the South my entire life, this is so true. I am hosting an art giveaway that you might find interesting. When you have a chance stop by and take a peek.


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