Monday, January 25, 2010

Field Trip Friday: Coming Soon!

What do you think of my meme button? Isn't it cute? Once again I contacted Louise at Adori Graphics to hook me up and I'm just as pleased as can be.

And now I'm really excited about an upcoming addition to my blog and I really, really hope you can join in and spread the word. Okay, here goes...

Anyone interested in a bit of fun? Coming this Friday I'll be posting about a fun field trip that we've ventured on. We actually have one coming up later in the week, so more than likely I'll tell you all about it on Friday and post some fun pictures for you, but if that cancels I may share an older excursion.

I'd love to get a meme started and have others join in with me so won't you PLEASE consider stopping by sometime on Friday and linking up to spread some field trip fun?

You don't have to go on a field trip this week to participate. It can be a past event and it doesn't have to take place with a bunch of people. Some of our favorite field trips take place when it's just me, my husband and the kids. So link up and share!Or, you can also share any tips you have for field trippin' or how field trips have been beneficial in your family, and if you want to share pictures that's great. In fact you could make it simple and just add a picture with a short caption. I'd be so grateful.

So, what do you think, have you been on a field trip that you can share about? Can I count you in?

Till Friday...Happy Field Trippin'!


  1. love the button and we will for sure play along if we have been field trippin'. :)

  2. Very cute button, and what a good idea for a meme. I'd love to participate.

  3. Thanks Sara! I think it's pretty cute too!

    Jenilee, I can't wait to hear about your future trips!:)

  4. Joelle, I'm so excited that you'll play along! I love to see what other's are up on their field trips!:)

  5. I'll wanna play! I wanna play! I can put your button on my blog to get others involved.

    You may also want to check out Virtual Girls Night Out- Ann, the blog owner hosts this event. Her blog address is:

    Basically, on Friday afternoon/evening you leave your link on Ann's blog. You check out eveyone elses blog, and they check out yours! Great for getting comments and followers.

    Thanks for visiting our blog:

  6. Wow, what a great history lesson!

    So do you travel in your RV and teach on the road?

    I think that is so cool!

  7. Carolee,

    Yes, of course, feel free to snag the button. I'd love to get the word out about this new meme! I'm so excited that you'll play along!:)

    Yes, we do travel in the RV, learning as we go. Many of our lessons are focused around things we see on the road, or something that piques someone's interest. Works wonderfully for us.

    Thanks for stopping by.Blessings!:)

  8. This is a great idea, and I love the button! I don't have any field trips to share at the moment, but I look forward to reading about what others are doing! Maybe I'll get some good ideas! :)

  9. Oh, great idea. I'll join in when we have field trips!


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