Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rescue Me

Full-timing. In the winter? What were we thinking? I spent last week asking myself that on a couple occasions and almost asked my husband if we should check into temporary housing. One week of freezing temperatures and no water was all it took. Boy, am I a wimp.

It probably wouldn’t have been so bad if my vehicle was here, but we are stuck. Well, not really because I could drive the camper if I really wanted to. But that just seems like too much work for me right now. Unhooking everything and hooking back up and leveling up. No, I’d have to be pretty desperate to drive away. I wouldn’t do it just to make a Walmart run. Not to mention that I’ve never driven it. Not that I wouldn’t. I just haven’t. Yet.

But I’m getting off track. I really didn’t want to boo hoo about how terrible it is to be stuck in the cold. I just wanted to whine a bit because we’ve been cooped up and getting on one another’s nerves. Well, that is the kids are getting on my nerves. As much as I love them. And I do. And before you judge me for being a terrible mother, in my defense let me just say that I’d rather be with my family than anywhere. Most days. But in all fairness, they are sick of me too. And I’m okay with that. Believe it or not, I am not perfect. There. I said it. Now you know. As if you couldn’t have guessed for yourself, huh? You do know I'm joking, right?

Back on track. Other than going on two brief walks in the freezing cold, we hadn’t been out together. And we were ready to go…anyway…so when the temperatures rose and our friends suggested that they pick us up and take us for a hike, we couldn’t resist.

It’s unbelievable how spending a couple hours in the fresh, WARM, air hiking with friends makes everything better.

I also forgot to mention that I posted an article at The Homeschool Classroom this week, My Top Ten List of Homeschooling Books. Why not stop by and tell me what you think? What is your favorite homeschooling book?


  1. Tonya, you make me laugh and you are so right on with millions of moms everywhere, these are genuine issues that exist no matter what your square footage!! Glad you are getting out and enjoying the air...and coping... and remember: winter, like most things, is temporary!!! You'll find away to make lemonade!!

  2. LOL at this because we were just sharing with a future FOTR how you can get soooooo sick of each other sometimes. I told her not matter how much you think you are used to being around your kids as a homeschooling's nothing like being with them in this lifestyle. I shared with her the moments where I am so irritated at my husband that me being up in our room and him being down in the living room is still not enough "space" between us. I've been known to say, can you go outside and give me a time out. To all of them...including the dog. ;o In all fairness, I'm not perfect either so they get as sick of me too.


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