Monday, January 18, 2010

Just What Can this Copier-Scanner-Printer do Anyway?

When we packed up and moved into our camper our printer did not make the cut. My thought was that we really didn’t have the room and how much did I really need to print anyway? Well, you do know what happens when you don’t have something,right? It isn’t long before you realize just how much you NEED what you don’t have.

And to really prove my point, I visited the FedEx/Kinkos store for the first time. I paid a small fortune to print items off the computer and left with a handful of copies, spending just over forty bucks. I was appalled. I just about could've bought a printer for that.

So I did. But not just a printer. I found a deal. Printer. Copier. Scanner. All for fewer than fifty bucks and it came with ink. Both Black and Color cartridges. Now that's a deal. Since I bought it online, I eagerly awaited the arrival of my new toy. And that’s what it’s been. A toy. I’ve had fun scanning pictures from our homeschool portfolios, making copies of the notebooking pages I created for the kids and printing e-books because I can’t stand to read them online. Yep. I’m taking my new toy seriously. In the midst of my seriousness...

…my son decided to ask me a question. I’m almost afraid to type this...deep goes...

"What would happen if I sat on the scanner? Would it really make a picture of my butt?"

Really? Is he serious? Oh my… the workings of the male teenage mind…

Oh, I shrugged it off and chuckled because it was funny. I told him I better never see butt smudges on my scanner and didn’t really think much more of it.Until today.

I used the scanner to scan a document so I could email it and I heard this question…

"Hey, would this really make a picture of my butt?"

Are you kidding me? This time it was not out of the mouth of my children, but out of the mouth of my husband! Ugghhh…the workings of a thirty-something male mind… who by the way proudly proclaims…Great minds think alike!

So, once this just a guy thing?


  1. Still laughing! Definately a "man thing!" Honestly, who else would think of putting their behinds on a copier!

  2. What a great blog! Glad I found you! Hope you'll come by and visit me too!
    I've added you to my reader!

  3. I am afraid to admit that men (really, boys) do think a like.


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