Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Creation Museum:1/2 Off for Homeschoolers

Well fellow homeschoolers, have I got a deal to tell you about! The Creation Museum near Cincinnati is offering a winter deal that's hard to beat. During the months of January and February each Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday admission is reduced for adults to $10, students to $7 and planetarium tickets $4. That's an incredible savings- more than 1/2 off for adults and nearly that for students! If you have little ones under five, they are automatically admitted at no charge. Yep, they are FREE. But for all others, you will need to print the coupon so be sure to click on the picture above and print it out before you go so it can be presented at the ticket counter. If you have any problems, contact me thetravelingpraters at gmail dot come or leave a comment and I'd be happy to send you a pdf copy.

I realize not everyone here homeschools but if you are Active-Duty Police, Military, or Firefighters you receive free admission and dependents will receive 50% off with proper ID.

We haven't made it to The Creation Museum yet, but this is one museum that we will not miss! We really can't wait to go!

However, you may enjoy reading about these places near Cincinnati we have visited. And if you're planning a trip of your own, don't miss this link for some more incredible deals.

Have you been to the Creation Museum or the Cincinnati area? Why not leave a comment and tell us about your favorite attraction?


  1. http://the-goodwinfamily.blogspot.com/2009/10/more-on-creation-museum.html

    we went in October for a pastors day. it was AMAZING! I expected a good museum about Creation... it was SO much more than that! we are planning again to go with our homeschooling group in april. I can't wait to take Elayna!

  2. We love the Creation Museum! It is so much more than we expected - and we had seen the original plans many, many years ago! Our children really like the petting zoo ( when it's warmer!) I love the planetarium!

  3. Hey! I saw your post on the Homeschool Lounge about your blog. I'm new to the HSL, by the way. But saw this post about the Creation Museum and had to leave a comment. We went last year and absolutely LOVED it!! We so can't wait to go back. We even bought a 5yr pass, so we are going to go each year at least once. This is the place to go if you want your faith to be built up and not torn down!!!!

    Visit me, if you want, at http://createdtobringhimglory.blogspot.com/

    Very cute blog design, by the way! Like it.


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