Thursday, May 6, 2010

Take Me to the Moon

I thought you'd enjoy hearing from the rest of the family so here ya go, a post written by my 13-year old daughter, Chelsea

My mom is obsessed with letter boxing. She found one close by that she wanted us to do. For a while she was asking me and my brothers to go find the letter box, but of course being teenagers we think that letter boxing is just a tad bit lame. We would rather be in the camper doing something none productive in the air conditioning, since Alabama weather isn’t the most pleasant thing to endure.

My mom finally got me and my bro’s to go (though Nick bailed on us). She convinced us by saying exercising is good and by telling us that if we did it we could get the rest of the day off from school. Of course we jumped at this opportunity.

It took about 20 minutes to find the Letter box , wasn’t one of the hardest letter boxes we’ve ever done but that’s all the better for me. It means more time to do nothing at the camper.

This is where the Letterbox was hiding

The Moon Stamp Canister

Bingo!This is the Letter box!

This is our stamp. If you see this, you know The Traveling Praters' were there!

Note from Tonya: If you want to try your hand at Letter boxing visit this website and it will tell you how to get started.

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