Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Daughter, the Aspiring Journalist

My daughter just finished a live newsletter class that was offered by Currclick. For the past three months, she's met once a week with her classmates in an online classroom, completed assignments and worked as part of a team to produce the new Currclick Chronicle that you can view for yourself here if you are a Currclick user.

My kids took their first live class last year when we were still staying in hotels. When we packed up and headed to Atlanta, I didn't worry about them missing classes because the class was available anywhere with internet access. Live classes or online classes, have been a huge benefit to us. My daughter will begin another one in a few weeks and all three of my kids will be taking a couple classes in the fall. And you know what's really neat? Some of their friends in Ohio are hoping to join them! It will be almost like old times. Let's just hope they behave for the teacher! If you're looking for an online class either to add a bit of fun into your homeschool plans, or to assist you in some of the areas you find difficult to teach, I heartily recommend the Currclick Live Classes. You can see a selection of their classes here.

Getting back to the newsletter, bet you can't guess what my daughter chose to write about! Here's a hint, we were the featured family...and after reading about her take on our lifestyle, I had to chuckle! Check it out and let the teacher know what you think. I think the kids all did a great job!


  1. This is pretty neat. Wish I could read the article!

    Thank you we got the postcard from AR

  2. I went to the website but it doesn't let you see it if you aren't a Currclick user. I'd love to know what she wrote though :)

  3. Looks like she did a great job. Thanks for sharing the info about the live classes. I will keep a watch for something interesting for Grace.


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