Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Won! I Won!

A couple months ago I entered a contest that Kris at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers was hosting. If you homeschool and you've never ran across her blog, you really MUST go take a look. Right now she's offering a free webinair with Lee Binz that you'll appreciate if you're approaching the high school years with your homeschooled children.Kris also just wrote her first e-book: Get Your Hands on Learning, which she is offering right now for 40% off!

Sorry, I guess I got a wee bit sidetracked didn't I? Well, I entered a contest to win a membership to the Art for Homeschool website. I really, really wanted to win this because I thought it would definitely fill a need that we had. I was so thrilled when I won!

What appealed to me most was that as a member, I would have access to the Elements of Art videos, a collection of 8 video's cover the following concepts; line, space, value, shape, form, texture and color. There's also a video that tells you how to get started. Each video offers instruction on the concept while allowing the child to create their own project. This clip tells you all about the program:

Though I have watched most of the video's, my kids just began using the program this week. They enjoyed the lesson and project that they completed. If you're looking for an art program or to supplement your current program you should hop on over to Art for Homeschool and have a look around. Terry is also planning an online art show for August. My daughter is really bummed that she missed the first one so we'll definitely participate in this next edition.


  1. How cool. Congratulations!!!

  2. Wow! You always have such a great variety of information on your blog! I love visiting all the links you provide. Btw congratulations on the win!

  3. My kids are members of Art for Homeschool. We use the videos and even I am learning that I have a talent for art! Great series on the Elements of Art. I highly recommend them.


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