Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Flat Traveler Adventure

Our Flat Travelers' have been home from Oregon for a few weeks now and are preparing to embark on their 2nd journey and this time will be hosted by an Air Force Family that is currently living in Hawaii. If you're like me and dream of visiting Hawaii, you'll enjoy reading about their Hawaiian Adventures and seeing the beautiful pictures that are posted on a regular basis. We had hoped to get our travelers' in the mail last week, but I think I've stated before how terrible I am at mailing things, haven't I? Besides, Military Guy was MIA for awhile. We finally uncovered him yesterday in plain view on our counter. Hmmm...not sure how I missed that, but the travelers' now have a new journal and are each adorned with a colorful lei so I think they're ready for all the fun they'll encounter while they are away. Safe travels little guys and we're looking forward to showing some new travelers' around the great state of Alabama!


  1. Hawaii is really a beautiful destination and has huge travel options. We really love this place and have a visit plan during summer holidays (June 15 from June 30). Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures and I will forward to all my friends (Hawaii lovers).

    Best Regards,

  2. How did you get in on this? Was it a family you knew already or from a site? We ar studying the states this summer while living in our travel trailer before we move to Washington state! This sounds like an amazing project!

  3. Hi Hallie, I read about this on a blog I read. Their Flat Stanley's had just arrived home and it looked like a lot of fun so I left a comment and offered to take their travelers on the road with us. So we swapped. I really didn't think this would appeal to my teenagers, but surprise, surprise, it did!

    If you'd like to send your travelers our way, we'd be happy to take them for a bit.


  4. Sounds like such a cool idea to me!

  5. Looking forward to showing the travelers around the island!

    Congrats on making the homeschool crew too!


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