Saturday, May 15, 2010

Look What I Found

Have you heard about the brand new Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee? I can't wait to go check it out! There's actually one in Branson, Missouri too, but I have a friend from high school that is moving to the Pigeon Forge area and I really, really, really want to see this with her family. Anyway, we're hoping to visit sometime this summer. We'll see.

I don't always prepare in advance for the places we visit but today while I was reading through some of the blog posts in my reader I ran across this post by my friend Dana at Noggins and Nonsense, dedicated to their study of the R.M.S. Titanic. She shared resources they used, a movie they watched and some ideas for your own Titanic pages for a history notebook. One of the books, Voyage on the Great Titanic-The Diary of Margaret Ann Brady caught my attention (you can read about it in Dana's Book Log- aren't you loving her blog?!)

Well, this very day when I was supposed to be shopping for groceries, I discovered a thrift store and was lured inside and what did I find? This very book! Okay, it's a sign that we MUST VISIT THE TITANIC MUSEUM! Okay, really I'm just joking, but I sure am excited to assign this to my children to read. After reading Dana's thoughts, I may just follow suit and enjoy it as a read aloud. I'm just so excited to have made this discovery!

So, have you studied the Titanic exclusively? What resources did you use?


  1. Congrats on your fabulous find! I love thrift stores! As a matter of fact, I think that's where we got our copy.

  2. I read that book when I was 7 - I've read the whole series by now! ;-) It is a great, great book... lots of fun! ;-) I love the Titanic and its story... very fascinating. I can't remember anything exactly that I've read, but it's a lot, lol.

  3. Cool find! We did a Titanic study. We read a book called "The Crossing", We also found some pbs documentaries that were very good. I found a book on recipes aboard the Titanic and a cd of music that would have been played aboard. Here's a couple links to some of our Titanic activities.

  4. We went to the Titanic museum in Branson a couple of summers ago and it was very cool. There are tons of interactive things for the kids to was well worth the cost.

  5. I love it when that happens! I want to do the Book of Virtues Lapbook with my children this summer. Went into the thrift store...and there it was!

  6. That museum sounds really cool! When we lived in New Mexico we saw a traveling exhibit of Titanic artifacts. My oldest was really interested in the story.


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