Saturday, May 29, 2010

15 Tips to Maximize Enjoyment at Outdoor Summer Concerts

1. Arrive early to get the seat you want- if you want to be close to the stage, this is a no brainer.
2. Take lawn chairs, a blanket or a light sheet to sit on.
3. Pack a cooler with plenty of ice, water, snacks and light finger foods.
4. Don’t forget the ear plugs if you’re going to be near the stage and want to hear later!
5. Binoculars, just in case you’re not as close to the stage as you’d like to be, or prefer to stake out a spot at the back of the crowd.
6. Camera- do you really need to be reminded not to leave home without this one?
7. Sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and hand fan.
8. Umbrellas (think beach umbrellas)for some shade.
9. Wear light weight, light colored, comfy clothes, but a light sweater or sweatshirt may come in handy in the evening.
10. Take a few balloons or a beach ball to pass around to the crowd. A Frisbee or soft kick ball perfect for the times when you want to get up and stretch, especially if it’s an all day event.
11. Glow sticks for when the sun goes down.
12. Mad money, even if it’s a free concert, to support the artists or event and for souvenirs.
13. Hand disinfectant or wipes- think Porta-pots!
14. Mosquito repellent or bug spray.
15. A Disposable raincoat and a towel- if rain is in the forecast.
16. I know you won’t forget you phone- but make sure to send tweets or to post to your Facebook profile from the event!

What are your favorite tips?


  1. I haven't done an outdoor concert in years! I mean years!

  2. Love your blog. I found you through someone's blog list. We will follow now!

  3. I don't have any tips to add but we sure love music festivals. I'm so disappointed that since we've hit the road we've seen fewer music festivals than we did from home! They are all on the west coast and we won't be there until fall or winter. Oh well.


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