Thursday, May 20, 2010

Field Trip Friday: Letterboxing around Huntsville

It's time for Field Trip Friday again. I had an awesome field trip lined up this week but sadly, my gang were all suffering from some type of sinus/allergy thingy so we had to forgo our trip.

We did manage to get out though. Today we decided to do some letterboxing. Despite what you may have read before, my kids really were looking forward to getting out of the camper and finding our way around Huntsville a bit more.

So we gathered our gear, index cards (because I misplaced our special letterboxing notebook), our personal stamp, an ink pad, pen and clues and off we went.

Though I'd printed about 12 clues, I figured that we'd probably only find 4 or 5 before we were ready to call it a day. I was right. We ended up finding 3 letterboxes and though we made it to another location to find a fourth, there were too many people around to discreetly find what we sought. We'll save that one for another day.

The first one was incredibly easy. We literally jumped out of the van and found the letterbox barely hidden under a bush.

We always enjoy seeing who found the letterbox before us

The next one was a bit harder to find. Partly because we aren't familiar with the area so we had to do a search to find the park we were looking for. Once we found the park, finding the letterbox was easy enough, even if it was hidden well enough.

The final one was also pretty easy, once I found out where we were heading.
We took a short walk down a pretty tree lined path

Followed the clues that prompted us to peak behind the rock

Look what we found

We wound up with three stamps to add to our letterboxing notebook...when it's found

There you have it. We got out of the camper, explored our town a bit more, followed directions and fit in a wee bit of physical fitness. As a follow up the kids are planning to hide a letterbox of their own. If you aren't familiar with letterboxing, or you'd just like a bit more information be sure to check out this website.

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Until next week....Happy Field Trippin'!


  1. How fun! We've done that a couple times and really enjoyed, except for the one we never found....

  2. Sounds like fun! We geocached with some friends once. I'd love to do it again sometime.


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