Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Book Samaritan: Helping Homeschooler's Carry On

I just found out about a really neat website that I thought I'd share.The Book Samaritan is a non-profit Christian organization dedicated to helping homeschoolers succeed by offering curriculum and supplies to those that may find themselves facing a financial challenge. You simply mail a letter with the material that you need to the address on the website and they make every attempt to pull together a package for you. Your "order" will even be mailed free of charge. The only requirement is that when you have finished using the materials you simply pass them on to another homeschooling family or return them to The Book Samaritan so someone else may benefit as well. You are not permitted to sell the material.

The Book Samaritan also accepts donations (which are tax deductible) of homeschooling supplies, curriculum, other materials that would be of interest to homeschooling families (DVD's, flashcards, CD-Rom's, etc.)and of course cash donations to offset the shipping costs.

Why do they do this? They simply believe in homeschooling!

Has anyone had experience with The Book Samaritan? What are your favorite sources for free and low-cost curriculum and materials?


  1. thank you for this link! what a blessing!!!

  2. That's awesome! Thanks for the info - I look forward to passing it on and donating when we are done with something.

  3. oh wow! thank you so very much for the link!

  4. Yes. I have been homeschooling for 3 years. Each year, they have been a blessing to me. Most of the time, they have had exactly what I needed too. Please donate to them as well. What they are doing is an awesome ministry.


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