Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Look Who's Home!

We got a surprise in the mail this week! Before our Texas trip, we'd exchanged Flat Stanley's/Traveler's with the Cato Clan at A House on Fire.

We'd planned to keep them a month and send them back, but I'm soooo terrible at mailing things! Just ask Debbie- I kept her waiting on post cards forever! I am trying to do better. Really.

Anyway, this was our first experience with Flat Traveler's of any sort and it was really fun. I didn't typically post what we did with the traveler's we were hosting, because well, I wanted it to be a surprise when they did get there package. Which by the way, is in route, Sarah. I promise.

I hope the Cato Family is as excited as we were! Just take a peak at what was in our package:

Not only did we get our travelers and journal back, we also have a tourist book of the area and we're proud owners of these totally cool socks (which my daughter loves)in University of Oregon colors! Our puppy even got in on the team color love and has a brand new leash, which by the way he knew was his. You should have seen me trying to take this picture without his nose in it. He kept trying to get to the leash. Of course once he had it, he insisted that we take him on a walk...but there I go. I'm getting off topic and I really do want to share this incredible journal that the Cato's put together for us. It's simply amazing.

Isn't this amazing? I'm so inspired that I'm going to assign my children to create one of their own from each state that we visit...retroactive of course...that should keep them busy all summer!

Thank you Cato Family! We really had a great time!
Of course now that my children have done this, they've kind of caught the bug! My daughter would love to send one to Paris. Any takers?

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