Friday, December 18, 2009

What a week...

Chalk it up to just one of those weeks. This is it. I'm thankful that not everything that could go wrong has, but yet it's been just enough to make me want to swear on more than one occassion. Why is it that after all these years of controlling my mouth, when I'm angry or upset, those bad words are still the first things to pop into my mind? Uggghhhh...

It all started last Sunday...

My vehicle began making a terrible noise. My hubbie asked me not to drive it until he has a chance to look it over and make the necessary repairs. That meant postponing a fun outing with friends that we'd really been looking forward too.

Monday- It didn't matter if we had planned to go addition to the problems my vehicle was already having...we woke up to a dead battery.

The DVD's I'd ordered through Netflix that we need to watch for school didn't arrive though they were supposed to.

Tuesday- My computer charger died, but luckily my computer is only two months old, so it's still under warranty. Spent nearly an hour on the phone with Dell's customer service. They assured me that I would recieve a replacement part on Wednesday.

I haven't paid attention to our on board moniter and our camper ran out of gas. Not gasoline. LP gas. The kind necessary for cooking. And hot water. And heating. Not a big deal...but it is a pain to pack up your camper and drive it away to get gas only to return and hook everything back up and level it...

As if that wasn't enough...our electric heater that we've been using so we don't use all of our gas died too.

Still no Netflix movies. Hmmm...we're now two days behind in our Medieval Japanese study...

Wednesday- After waiting for my part to arrive all day, I finally listened to my messages on my cell phone and noticed I'd missed a call from FedEx. The package I was expecting had the wrong address and they were unable to deliver it. Waiting on my return call so they could make the delivery. In my excitement, I rushed to pick it up myself only to find out that Dell did not send the entire AC adapter as I'd expected. Computer still does not work.

Spent another hour on the phone with Dell customer service to straighten things out... and to request that the correct part be sent to the correct address... only to discover this time they won't overnight the part and I should get it next week.

Good news, $250 later, my vehicle is fixed.

Bad news, on the way back from FedEx it began to make another terrible noise. No more driving until my husband has a chance to look at it again.

Still no movies. I reported the ones I'd ordered missing.

Thursday- Missed a webinair that I was supposed to watch as part of an intern position that I'm undertaking.

Discovered that one of our holding tanks was full and I missed it...(back to that moniter thing)...water backed up into our shower that is our temporary dirty clothes hamper. Can you say eeeeewwwww??? Now I have a mess of really stinky, wet, yucky clothes. Good news...I just bought trash bags and tomorrow can be laundry day.

Found out the movies I'd requested from Netflix had been given to someone else. Instead of giving them to us, they sent them back to Netflix...we are now 4 days behind on our study...and I was so proud of myself for planning ahead! Well, replacements should be here tomorrow. about your week? I'm going back to bed...


  1. What a week! Our last week and a half has been crazy too. Mostly with performances and such. Looking forward to Christmas break. Today is he last school day. Yeah!!!

  2. Hmmm well my week was better than yours by the sounds of it LOL. Andy didn't get that job and the interview that we basically travelled almost to France for was a total disaster....other than that its been fine :)


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