Friday, December 18, 2009

The Apple of his Eye...

This week we did something that we don't do on a normal basis...we went to the mall. Normally I avoid malls like the plague, but the kids weren't eager to leave town without doing a bit of exploration. So we invited friends and made an afternoon of it with the sole intention of taking as many goofy pictures as we could and riding the gondolas...yes...GONDOLAS!!!

Well our fun day was planned on Monday when it was roughly 65 degrees, but if you read about my week, you know we had to postpone for another day. So, we planned for Wednesday when it was supposed to be 48 degrees but was actually much colder...or at least felt colder as the wind whipped through the open air mall. To our relief...ummm...disappointment, the gondolas weren't open for rides...I imagine it would have felt even colder on the water.

We'd planned to grab snacks at the Chocolate Crocodile- a neat bistro style shop that sells guessed it...chocolate treats. In this store, you will find the largest chocolate, caramel, ooeey, gooey nut covered apples you've ever laid eyes on! I think my son started drooling the moment he spotted them. He finally selected the Worms and Dirt apple- a huge apple topped with caramel, crushed Oreo's and gummy could he resist? While in the store we also sampled the chocolate covered pretzels, cupcakes and pumpkin bread before heading outside to the photo booth so the kids could cram themselves in and document their day in pictures.

We spent the next two hours warming up and hanging out at Barnes and Noble- how could a homeschooling mom resist?

So, how did the kids rate this outing? As far as the Chocolate Crocodile goes, they thought it was a wee bit expensive. My daughter said it would've been a 10 if she was eating chocolate, but it's not good for the complexion- so she settled for a cupcake. My middle child thought it was expensive, but he didn't purchase what he really wanted...the apple of his eye...My oldest son absolutely loved it and rated it a 10.

Highlights of the mall from a teenagers perspective? It has a photo booth, AMP machine and Dipping Dots vending machines. If money were no option, the mall would be a 9. If money is an option, they rated it a 5. So...there you have it...the low down on our mall outing...

The best part of the day for me? Hanging out with my friends!

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