Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Motor Home Makeover: Phase Two

In addition to replacing the yucky mauve carpet with a wood-look floor, I also decided to recover my furniture that is you guessed it….pink. To modernize and bring the décor up to date, I decided to add chocolate brown to the existing color scheme. But I also didn’t want the colors to seem mismatched so I'll add a great floral print to warm things up and tie it all together.

Since I have a strict budget for the total makeover, finding what I need has been a bit tricky and I’ll have to be a bit creative. After searching all the fabric stores in the area and unable to find exactly what I had in mind, especially at a low cost I was about to give up and settle on something I wasn’t really happy with when I found just what I wanted in a most unusual place. Goodwill. That’s right. A thrift store had exactly what I wanted. And more. Lo and behold, hanging on a rack were brand new curtains in just the color and patterns I was looking for! I had hoped for upholstery material but the pattern is right on target. I’m simply going to remove the seams and wala…just what I was looking for.

Soon, my dinette will have a brand new look and as a bonus, I’ll have enough material to create curtains for the camper. Can’t wait until it’s finished! So...what do you think of the color scheme? I know it's not as clear as it could be, but I promise, one of these days I really will get a better camera!


  1. love the colors! :) so fun! lots of work but I'm sure very worth it.

  2. Loooove it!! I am not surprised that is where you found the stuff, I found a lot of things there! Goodwill Rocks!


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