Monday, December 14, 2009

War Breaks out at the Campground

It all began in the name of family fun. Honestly. It did. Off with TV. Off with Xbox. Let’s play an old fashioned game of Risk. My 14-year old has only been begging for weeks to play. It’s not that I don’t like to play board games. I really do. In fact, we’re a big game playing family.

In the spring my daughter and I played Connect Four almost daily. But Connect Four is a great game for my ADD brain that doesn’t seem to be able to focus or strategize on anything other than blocking my opponent from lining up four of their red or blue chips in a row.

Risk, now that is a stretch. Not only is more thinking involved, it also takes a great deal of time. And then there is the alliance factor. Do I form a partnership with my oldest son, youngest son, my husband or do I take them all out in an everyman for his self mentality? Hmmm…all this under the pretense of family fun???

As the game progressed, it didn’t really matter what alliances were alluded to or implied, diplomacy was forgotten as world domination was foremost in our minds. My husband fell first, happily I might add. Though I fought a good fight… or rolled a good dice…I was next to go, leaving the boys to duke it out against one another.

As the temperature in our camper began to rise we suggested...or rather...demanded...that the game end. Immediately. I think I’ll stick to Connect Four. It's not as confrontational.

Do you have any ideas on less competitive games we could play that wouldn’t erupt in WWIII?


  1. My husband and his brother are best friends, but didn't speak for months last summer after a game of Risk. It's a really dangerous game!

  2. I've never played it, though I did play (and win) Stratego sounds very similar to that. Connect 4 and Cluedo are more my league anyway as I find it hard to concentrate on anything like that, and I'm forever saying "whose turn is it" LOL.


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