Friday, December 18, 2009

Saying Goodbye is Bittersweet...

One of the aspects that really excited me about becoming a full-time RVer was that I was sure I'd be able to meet so many new people wherever we traveled. Being the social person that I er...ummm...sometimes am.. I just couldn't wait to get on the road, start meeting new people and develop friendships with around the country.

Well, the past couple months we've been pretty stationary and have stayed at the same campground with some other 'full-timers'. While here, we met a couple that we really liked. We didn't do a lot with them, they came over for dinner a couple times and we'd talk here and there. But I'd like to think of them as friends. Today they left. And though we knew it was coming, I didn't even get to say goodbye because we were running late for an appointment. I asked my husband to stop, but he was in a hurry and continued on.

At first I was upset, than I decided it was better not to stop because today of all days I am extremely overly emotional and likely to break down in a complete sob at the mere thought of goodbyes. I truly would have frightened our new friends. I'm sure they would have thought I was a total and complete freak!

Returning to the campground, I see the empty spot where their camper used to sit and wonder if our paths will ever cross again. Though we're excited for them to continue on and see what exciting adventure awaits them, we were all sad to see them go. I really hope we can keep in touch.

So, for those of you that have been on the road longer than we do you deal with saying goodbye?

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