Thursday, December 3, 2009

Learning about Georgia O'Keefe

While driving through Nashville this past weekend, I saw a billboard advertising a Georgia O'Keefe exhibit at the art museum. My brain automatically began making plans for a return trip to Nashville- that's how planning for school works in our life right now. Something captures my attention and away we go...

So in preparation for our field trip to Nashville that I just know is coming...we began learning about Georgia O'Keefe, her life, her art and her ever changing style. At least her early art was ever changing. I think.

Though I managed to pack some wonderful art books to use as resources on the road, neither of them mentioned much about OK (the signature she sometimes used to sign her paintings). Not to worry, the internet is always a good backup plan. I found this website all about Georgia and I always love to see if Harmony Art Mom has anything to say about our current artist of choice and unlike my books, I wasn't disappointed.

As a wrap up to our oh-so-brief art lesson, the kids created their own work, first by copying a piece that they enjoyed from her collection and then trying to create something of their own..."Georgia style". My son enjoyed the giant flower collection and decided to paint a giant daisy using acrylic paints. I don't think he did a bad job. What do you think?


  1. He did a very good job! And I like the way the gears were turning in your mind in preperation for your 'upcoming' visit to see Georgia O'Keefe's Exhibit. You've inspired me.

  2. Thanks Lana! The gears in my head always turn, I just don't always follow through!:)


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