Monday, August 2, 2010

A Quick Home Tour

Welcome to our new home. I know I’ve kept you waiting on the tour, but it’s finally here! I love the huge front porch that runs the length of the house and can’t wait to add some comfy wicker chairs to sit in when we want to enjoy the outdoors. We also plan to do a wee bit of landscaping, and I’m thinking in the sun a butterfly garden would be incredible.    richendollars in alabama 182

Please step inside the front door into our LIVING ROOM which is also my favorite room in the house. 

house 016I love the color, the light fixture and the large window you can’t see that lets in a ton of light. Yep, this room will work.

If you go through the door in the back of the room, you’ll enter my little KITCHEN. It may be small, but it’s much larger than the kitchen in the RV so you won’t hear me complain. It also has a full-sized stove and refrigerator which have been hard not to have in the camper. As a plus, I have a dishwasher that I thought I’d love but honestly, in the time it takes me to do a load of dishes, I could wash them myself so I probably won’t use it much. The kitchen also has a ton of storage!

house 019Next we come to the DINING/DEN/NOT SURE WHAT ELSE TO CALL IT ROOM. As you can tell, this room does not match the rest of the house at all. The dark paneling is definitely going to be painted and we already have permission to do so. I see something white and bright in it’s place.

It is also our dining room, though I’d never classify it as anything formal. I think I may buy a couple bar stools to sit at the pass through to the kitchen and a nice area rug to define the dining area.

More than likely, we’ll also be using this area as a family room too.

house 022I love that the room opens up into a sun room that overlooks our private back yard. Our neighborhood is also really quiet which is a plus that certainly has not gone unnoticed. Our home in Ohio was in town on a four-lane road…peaceful it was not- so this home is a welcome reprieve. 

richendollars in alabama 189

Down the hallway we come to the BATHROOM. It’s not that big, but once again, it’s huge compared to the camper and it has a tub! Woo hoo! Our water bill will probably be sky high this month with all the baths we’ve been taking.

house 024I’m trying to talk my husband into picture framing the mirror with some decorative trim. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Continuing down the hall we come to BEDROOM #1, my daughter’s room. house 025She hasn’t wasted any time moving in and getting settled, though she hates the color. Specifically, the flowers. However, she’s been dreaming of a door to slam and now she has one. What more could she ask for? A Paris room, of course!  

On down the hall to BEDROOM #2, the boys’ room.

house 026All they need is their Xbox 360 and you’ll hear no complaints from them…period.

Finally, the MASTER BEDROOM.  

house 027

I also have a MASTER BATHROOM which I’m really excited about, but didn’t get a picture of. It looks much like the other bathroom, except the tile is lavender and it’s laid out a bit different so it appears a wee bit bigger. It’s going to be really fun to decorate this combo. After living in the camper for a year, I’d forgotten how wonderful it is to have my own room.  

Now I can’t wait to get busy decorating!


  1. It looks wonderful! I can imagine it feels just huge to you after the camper! :) congrats on the house!!

  2. WOW real cute! I love the porch...cup of tea...dusk...and your wicker chair...good to go!

  3. What a lovely house! I am sure you will enjoy it.

  4. Wow that's so cool Tonya. It certainly sounds like you've got settled in there already. Kitchens in Uk are very small - and we manage fine over fact houses are very small here LOL.

  5. Wonderful - it sounds like your going to be right at home!

  6. It looks really nice!! You need to post some pics after you get all moved in and decorated! I LOVE the porch....we had a big porch growing up and that's something I've always wanted.

  7. Looks very nice and spacious! Love the lilac. Pretty

  8. Looks fantastic! Congratulations!

  9. It is a lovely house! I can't wait to see what adventures you will have there!


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