Thursday, August 5, 2010

Field Trip Friday: Exploring with Friends

Like much of the country, it has been so hot here in Alabama that honestly, I’ve had a really hard time coercing encouraging my kids that they want to leave the comfort of our air conditioned HOME- note I did not say RV- and head out to our non-air conditioned van for a field trip. 

That changed last week when we had some special friends from Ohio visit us. Suddenly I wasn’t just field trip coordinator for my family but also tour guide for our friends, Tours by Tonya- what da ya think? Kinda catchy, huh?

We drove through downtown Huntsville, through the historic Twickenham District and past the oldest operating hardware store in the state of Alabama before stopping at Big Spring Park. 

richendollars in alabama 014

I love this part of the park because though it’s right in the middle of downtown, across from the art museum and beside the Y, it doesn’t feel like it. It’s not crowded it’s so peaceful. We love to stroll along the path that runs along the waterway that was once a canal used to transport cotton.

I promised the kids that we wouldn’t stick around long and though they had grumbled (yes, that does happen on occasion)  a bit on the drive, they really enjoyed being outdoors and acting silly. 

Of course since they are teenagers, what do you think they really like to do? krispy kreme For one, they like to eat. So, we stopped by Krispy Kreme because the store here is really cool . You get to watch the employees make the donuts and sometimes they even pull your order right off the conveyor belt, warm and fresh. Sounds lovely, but we’ve discovered that when it comes to creme filled donuts, it’s not quite as messy to eat them if they aren’t quite as fresh.  

If you know teenagers, you’ll also know that many like to go to the mall. We have richendollars in alabama 043 three near us and though we typically don’t buy anything at the mall unless it’s a great deal, they really do like to go and have a look around. So we went and had fun and did manage to find a Star Wars t-shirt for my son’s birthday, who just turned 17. 

We also went on a few walks at  several different places. One of our favorite places to hike is Madison County Nature Trail on Green Mountain. It’s an easy walk along a wooded trail that circles a lake and crosses through a covered bridge.

We also went for a quick walk at the nearby marina, Ditto Landing.  I’ve not been to the marina before so I wasn’t really sure what there was to do otherrichendollars in alabama 094 than the obvious, boating.  There is a nice walkway along the Tennessee River that doesn’t take much time but we were hoping to find more trails. We did discover a bike trail, but once again, it was so HOT that we chose to hop in the van and head home. It will probably be the perfect spot to ride our bikes this fall though, so I’ll have to keep this locale in mind for later.                                           

We had planned to take our guests to Nashville to visit the Parthenon and eat at the square dancing Rainforest Cafe at Opry Mills but alas, the mall has not reopened since the flood several months ago. Instead we dropped the boys off at Gandert Mountain while the girls shopped at the thrift store for the tackiest clothes they could find. They ended up with cute instead of tacky, but tell that to the Walmart shoppers that seemed to find them amusing.  

This was all fun but the highlight of the trip was when we drove tcaney falls 8o Bankhead National Forest so we could hike 1 1/2 miles to Caney Falls to introduce our friends to swimming Alabama style. Doesn’t this look incredible?  I’d taken the boys to this exact spot last year when they visited us from Ohio and they decided that every time they visit we’ll have to go back. What can I say? It’s sure to be a tradition.

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  1. I really enjoy reading these even if they are no where near us! I plan to start joining you in a couple of weeks.

  2. Tours by Tonya. Sounds good. So - The people that visit us here - we need to include thrift shopping and then follow up with modeling at a retail store? That either sounds like the hoot of the century or a good way to ward of snippy visitors. :) Maybe both. Never been to crispy cremes, we will stop by one some day. :)

  3. Looks like so much fun. I really didn't understand the Krispy Kreme craze til I had one warm. Wow, they are good. Haven't had a hot creme filled one though! Love the girl's outfits!! And what a beautiful waterfall. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit with friends!

  4. Phyllis, I'm looking forward to you joining us!:)

    Pebblekeeper- You MUST have a Krispy Kreme donut...hmmm.hmmm.good!

    Kim, Just to make it perfectly clear, I do not suggest the warm creme filled ones while you are driving! The creme will squirt all over and it is so messy! Not fun.


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