Monday, August 16, 2010

Not Back-to-School Blog Hop: Student Photo Week

Not Back to School Blog Hop
Well I messed around and missed participating in the blog hop last week which focused on ‘school rooms’. I guess that’s because personally, I’m opposed to school rooms…for my family. You can have a school room if you want to and there have been times that we have had a designated ‘place’ for school. But over the years I’ve found that we prefer a mobile, all through the house, in the van, in the museum, out on the trail, kind of atmosphere. I guess you could say that our school takes us all over. Both in and out of the house. 

I will say that this year we are enjoying our school days IN A HOUSE. I guess I tried not to think of the space we DIDN’T have in the camper at the time, but looking back….

a normal week 002…maybe it was a bit of a tight squeeze. And for those that are wondering, Yes, my son is reading the lettering on a Pepsi bottle. As long as they’re reading, right? Ha!

This year we are enjoying our added space… richendollars in alabama 184   …and the fact that that until I get some bookshelves, the couch hides our clutter pretty well…

school pictures 004

Of course this week’s blog hop at Heart of the Matter has nothing to do about school rooms but school pictures.   I used to take individual first day of school pictures of the kids, but haven’t for quite a few years. Now I just snap the customary picture of the kids at our First Day of School Breakfast

first day of school 009

…they take a picture of what they’re eating…

first day of school 012

….throw in a self portrait…

first day of school 015

…as well as one of the kids goofing off later in the day...

misc august 010

   …excited that they survived their first day of school….apparently they have a fear that they would not…and that’s the extent of our school pictures. Of course I take pictures almost daily throughout the year, documenting our field trips, projects and other activities for my own personal records as well.  

Want to show off some of your school pictures? You can link up to the blog hop too and don’t forget, next week you can share a-day-in-the- life…that should be a fun one!


  1. I am adding you to my must read blogs. YOur adventure sounds fun. I can't wait to read more.

    Have a good year!

  2. fun to see your kids! and the pepsi bottle?? hilarious! :) yes, he is reading!!

  3. Great pictures. I'm with you on the school room - I'm so tempted to buy a cute little desk and make a beautifully organized school room. But Crumpet does best in constant motion, and I think we'd both lose our minds locked in one room of the house... We have bookshelves, which are kind of organized, and that's it for a school spot...

  4. READING a Pepsi can IS cracked me up with that one! See ya on the HOP!

  5. Hi Tonya, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your life and ideas. I've given you an award. You can view it here:

  6. Hey Tonya!
    Do you think we may ever meet face to face? ;)
    Love the pictures and I know you are loving you extra space. Although your 'traveling' adventure is Kei and I's dream!
    Hope this is a wonderful year!
    Homeschooling Rocks!


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