Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kicking Off our 12th Year of Homeschooling with a Fun Tradition

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Today we began our First Day of Homeschool for the 12th time.  Each year we have a special celebration of sorts that has become something that the entire family looks forward to.

In addition to shopping for new school supplies, which I admit doesn’t thrill them like it used to, and purchasing a new outfit for the occasion,  our favorite First Day of School Tradition is to go out for breakfast. Though it means waking up earlier than they are accustomed to, my kids have never dared to complain. 

The restaurant may vary, but the routine is the same. We wake early and meet my husband at a local restaurant that the kids choose before he starts work. …well, usually they choose. This year they wanted to check out Ihop, because we’ve never eaten there. However, I had a coupon for Denny’s so my money saving mission trumped their request.  Of course I didn’t hear any opposition. They left with full bellies and I managed to feed a family of five for only $14.02. Not bad.    

How about you, do you have a special 1st Day of School Tradition at your home?


  1. A coupon mom, after my own heart! This year I am starting a new tradition, my kids are young, so I am taking them to Chuck E Cheese that 1st week since all the PS kids will be back to school and the place will be empty. We avoid CEC all Summer so I think this will be a great kick off to school!

  2. Chuck E Cheese?!?!!! My kids would have LOVED that when they were younger! Sounds awesome- and of course you can find coupons for that too! LOL

  3. Hi! I found you on Hip Homeschool Hop. I love the idea of traveling in an RV. That is a dream of mine. I look forward to reading more.

    We like to do a school kick off at Six Flags. We go to Atlanta, stay the night in a hotel, have a blast at the park and we do it all in the name of school :) It gives a good feeling every year to starting back. As far as the first day of school goes, it usually is not a good day :) No one can seem to get back into the swing of things, but the second day is always great! I will try your breakfast idea. I like that and so would the kids. THANKS!

  4. Six Flags sounds like fun too. We could go to Atlanta....:)

    The only downside we've experienced with the First Day of School Breakfast is when we went to a buffet and the kids ate too much and felt ill the rest of the day...or so they said.:) Not that they would ever TRY to get out of school or anything....LOL

  5. Hi Tonya!
    We celebrate the ps kids going back with our "We Don't Have to Go Back to School Today!" day. Yesterday was our 14th!

    My Little One and I went out to breakfast, to the $ Tree, a couple of thrift stores, Chuck E Cheese's for a couple of hours, and then to Sweet Peppers Deli for a slice of their amazing Chocolate Eruption Cake (name says it all!). It was hot and we were exhausted, but we had a fun day.

    And our only rule? NO SCHOOL WORK that day! It's a celebration! In the past we've done picnics, gone to the beach, visited state parks... whatever they wanted to do that was "doable"! Don't you just love traditions!

    Kerri in AL :-)

  6. Wow Kerri! That sounds like an incredibly fun day! Now that we're settled we really should plan to get together- we'll head over your direction! We can have some "I'm so happy that I homeschool Field Trips!"

  7. Sounds like a fantastic way to start off the year!! We don't really have any starting school traditions, except new crayons! ; )

  8. Sounds great Tonya! We will try to get together during our 2.5 weeks of nice weather this fall... lol! I am SO ready for this hot weather to go away...
    Congratulations on your new home, btw! It looks awesome!

    Kerri in AL :-)

  9. I love that tradition and WOW on the coupon savings!!
    This is our FIRST year of homeschooling. I have an 8 and 11yr old. On the first day of public school in our small town we're going to get up and sit on the porch and watch the kids walk to school (we live a block from the PS) then we're going to have breakfast and go to the local pool (since it won't be crowded with a bunch of PS kids)! It's our "not back to school day". Our first day starts the next day after this!

  10. Monday was our first day of homeschool for the 14th time, and the first year after graduating one of our kids. The room seemed a little empty now with only a 6th and 11th grader. Corina, new crayons are our only tradition, although I have to admit that this year when I bought a few new boxes, I wondered if anyone was young enough to color in our house. Still the tradition continues. Tonya I am so happy to have found you. My husband and I traveled full time for 9 years in an RV and loved every minute. We had just one child when we started, and 3 when we settled down in a home. I feel like we are kindred spirits. I too am a traveling, homeschooling coupon bargain shopper who appreciates fine things.

  11. Corina,
    I tried really hard to talk my 15 year old into at the very least buying a pack of markers! I miss not buying the traditional school supplies!

    The temps are dropping next week. Looks like we're in for the low 90's. We'll be heading out to see some covered bridges. Wanna chance it or do you prefer to wait until it really drops?

    Thanks for stopping by. Wow! Your 1st Day of Homeschooling! What an exciting day for you. I pray that it's a day filled with special blessings. :)

    Uggh...I wish I could respond to all these posts individually! :(

    It sounds like I could learn a thing or two from you! Graduating a child from home education and traveling for 9 years! My husband mentioned on several ocassions that he wished we would have taken the plunge into RVing when the kids were smaller. I think I would have worried myself to death...I was so overprotective with them when they were little- they weren't often allowed out of my site. Still, I'm thankful to have had the experience. My children have all caught the travel bug to some extent and I'd be surprised if they didn't all end up in RV's at some point. I half joke with them that we'd make a great caravan when they are older and they swear it will never happen. Hmmm....we'll see....Thanks for stopping by!:)


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