Thursday, August 19, 2010

Love You Forever

The Homeschool Village is having a blog hop today. Their question was “What is your child’s favorite book and why would they recommend it to a friend?”   So, I asked my kids sure that I would know the answer. My daughter has been on a Jane Austin kick so I thought for sure it would be Pride and Prejudice. Nope. My son loves all things Lord of the Rings but he also loves the Chronicles of Narnia as well so I thought it could be a close tie between the two series. My other son is a history buff so I wasn’t sure which book it would be but I just knew it would be battle related. I was wrong. On all counts.

My daughter prefers the Left Behind series and thinks everyone should read them just because. Sounds like the answer a 13-year-old would give if she were busy playing on the computer and didn’t want to make a well thought out answer right?   

What really surprised me was the book my boys both agreed on. Though they say Narnia is a close second, they both agree that Love You Forever by Robert Munsch is their absolute all time favorite. Mine too. 

love you forever 

Why? Because from the time I began reading books to the kids, which has been ever since they were born, we’ve read that book. We’ve cuddled on the couch, at first with one little blond haired toddler on my lap, then another and finally a third. We’ve read the book. I’ve sang the book to them. I’ve choked up reading the book and almost can’t finish it to this day without getting teary eyed. We’ve worn the book out, lost the book and bought new copies of the book. They love it because to them it signifies the love of a family and the bond between mother and child, child and mother.

I’ll love you forever,

I’ll love you for always,

As long as I’m living,

My baby you’ll be….

Want to share your child’s favorite book or see what other families recommend? Stop by The Homeschool Village today. 


  1. Hi Tonya - welcome to our weekly link up! Thanks for joining us!!

    I'm with your daughter - I love PRIDE & PREJUDICE!!

    how sweet - I'll love you forever - that makes me wanna cry!

    thanks again for linking up!!
    the hsv

  2. we might have to get that book!! it looks like one we would love! i'm sure I'd tear up reading it

  3. I LOVE that book! We still have it and our boys are 11 and almost 14. I will encourage any mom of boys to get it!



  4. It is definitely my favorite book as well! I cry every time I read it!!!!

  5. Yes, yes, yes!! It is my favorite too! My kids say - uh oh watch out she's gonna cry when I pull it out,lol! Love that book!!

  6. My kids each all have their own copy now so they can read it to their kids when the time comes.

    One time when my kids were little, my aunt was babysitting so my husband and I could sneak away for a couple hours. The kids wanted her to read them a book and of course they chose their favorite, Love You Forever. She'd never read it before and about died! She thought it was the absolute worst, traumatic book you could read to your kids because like me, she couldn't help but get teary eyed either. Robert Munsch should have a partnership with Kleenex! LOL

  7. I, too, cry every time I read it. So sadly, we read it rarely because Mama can't handle it...

  8. GREAT book - tear jerker! I can relate to your post! Visiting from The Homeschool Village, already a follower! Enjoy the rest of your week! :)

  9. My mil gave us that book and my children hate it! They say it creeps them out. lol


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