Monday, August 16, 2010

Chelsea With the Band


chelea with the band 2 My daughter loves to listen to Contemporary Christian music. She likes a wide variety which varies from Third Day to Hawk Nelson to Pillar.

She also loves to go to concerts and on occasion, we’ve met a few Christian band celebrities. One year she met Anthony Evans…now that guy can sing…and Kimber Rising…those gals can sing too!

kimber rising

She also had VIP tickets to Youthquake last year and met Skillet and as a special surprise, she also met three of the guys from Decyfer Down…wouldn’t you know that would be the time that my camera card would reformat i.e. delete all my pics? 


Earlier this year she met  O’Reilly at SoulStock 2010this band was so down to earth and did a great job of sharing their hearts and love for the Lord… 

tuscaloosa balloon fest 154…Finally, not a singer…but still a celebrity to my kids…we went to Freedom Fest and it made her day to meet Wally from Total Axxess…

124In addition to all her pictures, her bedroom closet is now adorned with ticket stubs and posters, souvenirs from the concerts and events we’ve been too.   

She’s even decided to start a blog called Chelsea with the Band and she would really love if you could stop over and take a peek and say hi. It would certainly make her day to get a comment and unfortunately, I’m not allowed to be her first comment. Says Chelsea. 

Anyway, won’t you puh-leeze stop over and check out her blog? She just completed an interview with Hudson from Shine Bright Baby.


  1. I left your daughter a comment. Her blog is pretty cool!

  2. What a wonderful experience! I know she'll have awesome memories of it.

    I'm so glad you joined in on Mingle Monday. I hope you have a great week.



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