Thursday, August 12, 2010

Field Trip Fridays: Some Ideas to Get You Started

TONYA FTF BUTTON 2 This week’s Field Trip Friday is a bit different than it usually is ad that’s because we didn’t go on a trip this week. To be honest, it’s just been too stinking hot here in Alabama. I’d planned to link up an older field trip but instead I decided to give you guys some field trip ideas for some fun general destinations. If you’re new to Field Trip Friday, make sure to check out some of my previous posts here

I still have the linky at the end of the post, so feel free to link up and I’ll post our field trip next week. It will be an outdoor trip because get this, the weather is going to drop to the low 90’s!  I’m thinking we may need to pack sweatshirts! Okay just joking. Here’s my Field Trip Friday Post, Some Ideas to Get You Started

When we first began homeschooling  12 years ago, I never dreamed that field trips would play such a huge part in my children’s education. Sure we enjoyed the occasional outing to the fire station, post office or zoo. I just had no idea that our life would become a field trip.

Let me just clarify that when I say field trip in my mind that could mean an organized outing with other families or a special trip that my family enjoys on their own. If you have young children, a field trip could be a trip to the grocery store while older children may enjoy a field trip to a local university exploring career options and choices. There are hundreds of possible field trips and today I decided to compile a list to get you started.

If you’re a homeschool parent, you may also want to take advantage of the discounted homeschool days offered at various locations. Also, anyone can take advantage of the Free Museum Day, September 25th that is offered through the Smithsonian so make sure you check that out too.  

Fire Station

The Post Office

The Jail

The Courthouse

The City Building- Meet the Mayor if possible


Grocery Store



Candy Maker’s

Local Farms


Fish Hatchery



Historical Sites

Historical Homes

Historical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

911 Emergency Call Center

Manufacturing Plant

Rock Quarry

Storytelling Festival

Renaissance Faire

Civil War Reenactments


Historical landmarks

State Parks

Bird Sanctuary

Bird Aviary

Butterfly Gardens

Public Parks

National Park Sites


Local Newspaper

Sports Team

Airport (I don’t know any major airports that will offer to give a tour at this point, but if you live in a small town, you may be able to succeed in reserving a tour) However, look for special events held at the airport, last year we were able to see Historic planes at a small airport near us. You can also look into the programs where your child can fly with an experienced pilot for free.


Amusement Parks- This is a great time to take advantage of the discounts offered through Homeschool Days.



Nearby Historic Towns

Some of these ideas are pretty basic, but I hope there’s one or two that is new and sounds like it would be worth exploring. 

What ideas do you have?

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Feel free to link up and don’t forget to grab your button. As always, I’m grateful for your help in spreading the word about Field Trip Friday. Until next week~ Happy Field Trippin’! 


  1. This is a great list. Now I have to find out where they are in my community.

  2. These are great ideas. thanks for sharing. I am going to glean from these to make my list of field trips to plan for this year. I am hoping to do one a month, which is a big challenge for us.

  3. Glad you two found the list helpful! I hope you'll stop back and link up when you take your trip!


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