Thursday, August 19, 2010

Out of the Mouth of…. Teenagers

Monday I saw this video on Facebook and really enjoyed it. Then I found out that it was just one of those things that developed a life all its own and went viral. So this is the scenario:

Me, to my children:  “Did you guys watch the video I posted on Facebook? You have to see it! This woman did this in front of her church her, Pastor recorded it, put it on Facebook and it went viral. Viral means (I am a homeschooling mom…remember?) ….”

My daughter : “Ummm…mom…we’re teenagers. We knew what viral meant before you did.” 

My son: “Not to hurt your feelings or anything mom, but we’re kind of up on all that stuff.”

Okay. Maybe they have a point.  Just in case you want to see the video clip I was referring to when I learned how much more savvy my kids are than me, this is for you.

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