Sunday, August 22, 2010

If You Give Your Teenagers a Box…

I just bought a lawn mower that came in a huge box that I was planning to save but my kids had other plans

box 008Anyone want to guess what’s in the box that my son is pushing through the house?    box 014

Doesn’t look like she really minded that much, does it?

box 013

Who thought boxes just made fun toys for preschoolers?

Aahhhh….teenagers…gotta love ‘em!


  1. Love It! So encouraging to see Teens being silly and having fun. Or maybe - they are used to tight places??? Not adjusting to a big ol house that they have to push each other in tiny spots to travel from room to room? ha ha ha ha ha ah aha hah ha. ahem. Oh. Sorry. :) Maybe I need some coffee. or less of it.

  2. Very funny! I like boxes, about as much as my kids - so why shouldn't your teenagers :)

  3. OK Pebblekeeper...let me make sure I understand you. Either I have really tramautized my children by moving into a house in which case the boxes are therapeutic? OR...well...let's just say the boxes are free therapy! LOL That is just too funny!

    Oh, BTW, the box lasted longer when they were toddlers. It didn't even last three days before it ruptured! :)

  4. That's just too funny LOL.

    Love them!


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