Thursday, August 19, 2010

Field Trip Friday: Butterflies, and Lots of Them!

This week we thankfully got a bit of reprieve from the hot weather, but unfortunately we had to cancel our outdoor field trip because of thunderstorms.  By afternoon the skies had cleared up so the kids couldn’t wait to do something. Though we’ve visited our local botanical garden on several occasions, we’d not ever walked through the Nature Center/Butterfly House so we decided to see what we’d been missing. botanical garden butterfly house 022

The Butterfly House at the Huntsville Botanical Garden is said to be the largest open air house in the nation. The nature center is certainly beautiful.  There are some (dead) bugs on display, a couple skulls, snake skin, hissing cockroaches and a cage full of canaries, but the main draw is clearly the amazing butterfly house.

botanical garden butterfly house 065The butterfly is not only home to butterflies, obviously, but you’ll but also Turtles that bask in the sun and then dive into the cool water to regulate their body temperature. 

botanical garden butterfly house 053Button Quail that keep the insect population down.  

botanical garden butterfly house 079

Bees, that live in their hive and anoles, Luna moths, corn snakes and tree frogs that we either did not see or weren’t able to get a picture of because the batteries on the camera died.  Our outing was a great opportunity for my daughter to practice snapping more pictures.

botanical garden butterfly house 049

botanical garden butterfly house 052   

botanical garden butterfly house 060

botanical garden butterfly house 081

This was a great field trip for us as we begin reading From Darkness to Light to Flight from darkness to light to flightwhich is published by the Institute for Creation Research.

This book tells the story of the remarkable flight and migration to Mexico that the Monarch Butterfly take each year.   I hope to give you a review of the book when we finish with it.

Thanks for joining me for Field Trip Friday. You can see more of the pictures we took on my Facebook page. You can read about some of our past field trips here.  If you’ve been on a field trip and you’d like to share it, you’re welcome to link up here using the linky at the bottom of the post. Until next week, Happy Field Trippin’!

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  1. Oh, so very cool. We need to do that. Gardens and butterflies. How wonderful

  2. Sounds like a great field trip. We have an awesome butterfly house at a nearby university, but I haven't been there in ages!

    I gave you an award! You can check it out here:

  3. I am a bit behind this week and din't get in on the link but thought I'd let you know we are joining your Field trip friday too!


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