Monday, June 7, 2010

An Unexpected Weekend Trip

Friday morning I got one of those calls that we all dread. My grandmother has not been doing well and my aunt had called to give me the news. She didn't expect us to visit because we're so far away, but after the call ended I realized how much I really did want to go. I sent my husband a text message because I was too upset to speak and asked if I could go to Ohio. Within a half hour, my wonderful husband was at the camper to pick me up so I could get a rental car (my new to me van that has all the amazing room isn't running right now...ugghhhh....).

Enterprise was wonderful because when we got there they didn't have any cars available and had one sent over from another lot. I was on my way within an hour.

It soon became clear that our rental car wasn't the most comfortable car we could have rented. So we stopped in Nashville at Fort Negley to stretch our legs.

Though it was 10 degrees warmer than what the temperature had been in Alabama, it certainly wasn't as humid. So though the breeze was HOT, we weren't all sweaty and stinky when we hopped back in the car.

Since we weren't going to be in Ohio until late anyway, I thought it'd be fun to stop off at Mammoth Caves. Not for a cave tour this time, but to stretch our legs again. Unfortunately, right about that time it began raining and pouring so we scratched those thoughts.

We continued on finally stopping at a Walmart to fuel our car and bellies. We decided to get something from the deli. My kids were totally disgusted when some man tried to flirt with my daughter's words, 'Ewwww...didn't he realize that you have kids? Ewww...that's just gross!' I guess he should have known better...

We finally saw the sight that sets our heart all a flutter...can you guess what this is?


We just love this bridge. Did you know that this bridge has two levels? Traffic crossing the Ohio River into Kentucky are on the top and traffic crossing into Ohio from Kentucky are on the bottom. Pretty cool, huh? I crossed this bridge for years before I finally paid attention and realized that.

Of course, Ohio had its share of rain and flooding. I know you aren't ever supposed to drive through flooded water, but we did. Within hours all the water had subsided.

Finally, we arrived at the hospital.

We had a great visit with my grandma who was in good spirits. She couldn't believe how big the kids are getting (even though we just saw her in March). It was clear that she wasn't feeling well. Chemo and radiation have really taken their toll. She's been in the hospital for 16 days now, but by the end of the day she seemed to be doing a bit better and I guess the doctor's have decided that her body systems are functioning better than they were. We're praying for her and so happy that we were able to visit her.


  1. It sounds like you made a good decision!

  2. I'm so glad you were able to make a visit. I know how important those visits are.

  3. I am glad to hear that you were able to visit and take the kids with you. I pray your grandmother will recover her strength.

  4. I love the picture of the Cincinnati skyline. But I might be biased because I love Cincinnati! I love come down that hill and seeing the skyline come into view. Home!
    Glad you were able to come up and visit your grandmother.


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