Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gotta love those teenagers

Yesterday we were enjoying a lovely afternoon, between rain showers, stroll through the botanical garden to see the Treewok Village, but the fun didn't start there. No way, the real fun didn't start until after we saw the Treewoks. Somehow when I was distracted taking pictures, the boys decided it was time to do a little bit of horsing around. I don't know about you, but in our house once this starts, it isn't long before one or both of them end up really ticked off.

So, this was my first indication that something was askew... I turned around to see my boys racing down the path... and in case you neglected to wear his belt and is trying to keep his pants from falling down.

Never fear, the crisis was averted and we were able to once again enjoy a leisurely stroll. They even posed for a couple pictures...these should alert you to the kind of mood they were in.
Do the words ornery teenagers come to mind?

Anyway, when they saw the swingset they just couldn't resist and all was well...for the first two minutes.

Then my son insisted that he wanted to swing on the little disc-swing-thingy...and away he went....
...he wasn't happy swinging a little bit. NO...he had to swing as high as he possible could...
...and when he didn't think he was high enough, he enlisted his brothers help and this is where it really gets interesting...I think the final picture says it all...

We checked to make sure he was okay. He was and surprisingly, he picked himself up, wiped himself off and decided they were just having fun.

All is well that ends well, right?

I do love my teenagers!

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  1. My T turns 13 this summer - I can't say you're giving me a lot of hope! :)

  2. LOL! You're so funny! Just think of the teenage years as having toddlers all over again and you'll do fine!:) Actually, for the most part, they really are a lot of fun. I love to be with my teenagers and I think that's why they are so different than I was at their age- because of the time I spend with them. I think when it comes to raising teenagers, homeschoolers certainly has it's benefits in more ways than one. Blessings!:)

  3. LOL, I remember when my older boys would do things like that! Our youngest son is now 12 & is finally really big enough to horse around with his 20 year old brother, it can get scary since they are both so BIG, but it is also funny to watch as long as you stay a safe distance away.

  4. Denise, I wholeheartedly agree! If you stay a safe distance away it's much easier to relax! I guess the boys just don't have enough room in the camper to really "be boys"! Note to self: I must take the kids to the park more often. Of course then they'd surely frighten all the parents of youngsters! LOL


    I'm laughing *with* you, not *at* you.


  6. Thanks for joining us at Monday Madness.


  7. Hi Tonya,

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