Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Crisis

Like many of you I've been watching the news with growing concern. I've heard the speeches, read the papers and I've seen the status of Facebook friends expressing utter panic and outrage. I don't share the anger partly because as distressing as this catastrophe is, I know that accidents happen, even when precautions are taken. It's unfortunate that none of the plans to stop the spill have worked, however, I also know that ultimately God is in control. That doesn't mean that I don't realize that we will likely feel the repercussions of this disaster for years to come, both environmentally and financially and let's not forget that there were lives lost when this oil rig exploded. It is indeed a terrible, terrible tragedy but pointing fingers doesn't help the crisis. Today I read an article that that addressed this issue that I thought was very well written. I hope that you'll take a minute to read what Lori has to say in Nature Studies, Oil Spills, and Romans 8.
What are your thoughts on the oil spill?


  1. Thank you so much for acknowledging the ones that were lost. They are so often forgotten now. One of my husband's friends died in the accident. He left behind a 2 year old and an 8 month pregnant wife. Gorden Jones was his name. We are in South Louisiana and are dealing with this daily. My husband works in the oilfield....I was raised on the beaches heart is split in 2 over it all.

    It is so heartbreaking.


  2. I agree with the previous comment, thank you for acknowledging the lives lost. I don't wathch or listen to the news much, getting much of it from the Internet, if I take the time to read it. I know this is a mess down there, and I do feel for everything and everyone this is affecting, but the families who lost loved ones seem to have fallen off the radar, not that they necessarily need the press breathing down their backs, but realizing that I didn't even realize lives got lost for quite a while after the incident, saddened me. Not for the fact I missed it, but for the fact the attention on what really happened got lost. I am with you God is ultimately in control here.

  3. Stephenie and Debbie, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such heartfelt comments.

    Stephenie, my heart certainly goes out to you and to the Gordon family! I read your comment to my children so they would realize that the lives lost were real people. Sometimes we tend to impersonalize tragedies and I don't want to do that. We plan to help with some of the gulf clean up and when they see what's happened, I hope we all remember the full extent of this disaster. I'll certainly be praying for the families whose lives have forever been changed. Thanks so much for sharing, Stefenie.


  4. Whether you point fingers or not BP is responsible. Period. I heard a man today say he has lost 300K from his restaurant. BP has given him 5K.

    Accidents do happen, but let's not just leave it at that, or in god's hands so to speak. I think it is a blessing in disguise because hopefully people will see how antiquated oil drilling is and start truly supporting alternative energies, smaller fuel efficient cars, etc.

    BP should be 100% reliable for money and/or lives lost due to this "accident". Outraged or not, this is justice. I come from Florida and I think it's a travesty to have oil rolling up on the beaches.

    As for the government, I'll be happy to point fingers at them too for their lack of regulation and for Obama's hesitance to get military involvement here. If there was ever a good time to utilize our military (which my tax dollars pay for even when I don't support the war) it would be now.


I love hearing what you think! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! Blessings!:)

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