Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Skid Marks or the Lack There Of...

I'm teaching my son how to drive. Well, actually my husband and I are teaching him together but lately the bulk of the task has landed in my lap. After all, when my van was out of commission if I wanted to run any errands during the day, I'd rely on him to take me. He certainly didn't complain. What car lover could resist driving this anyway?

Not my 16 year old son!

One afternoon, I asked Nickolaus to drive me to the store. He was ecstatic. Of course. On the way there I'd tell him everything to do. Slow down here, stop, turn left, slow down, watch your speed, slow down, slow down....STOP! I'm sure by now you have a picture in your mind of what I'm talking about.

So, on the way back I decided I would not tell him what to do. He has been driving for a few months, I shouldn't have to tell him EVERYTHING, should I? After what happened next, clearly I do.

Nickolaus is driving about 35-40, not bad. He's obeying the speed limit. We are approaching a light and left hand turn. I wait for Nickolaus to brake and slow down. Nickolaus does not. I wait patiently. No braking. Still waiting. Still waiting. Nickolaus begins his turn. Holding on for dear life I can stand it no longer. SLOW DOWN!!! He does slightly as he completes the turn and approaches a red traffic light.


Nickolaus looks at me with a sheepish grin and I quote:
"Mom, if I hadn't slowed down, I think I could have gone on two wheels! I could have even made skid marks!"

I probably don't want to share my reply. So I won't. Let's just say it was a lecture about being a responsible driver, blah, blah, blah.

Nickolaus replies:
"But mom.... I've never driven before. I've never had the opportunity to make skid marks, you have."

Hmmmm....I sympathize...NOT!!!

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  1. Exactly the perfect kind of car to leave skid marks! He does have a point. (not that I would take his side or anything.)

  2. :)
    My second son has his permit and wants to drive everywhere which wouldn't be bad however I have 5 little ones that need to go too and so to drive he needs to drive my big Suburban (which I actually feel safer in when he drives! LOL!)That immediately changes his mind...he'd much rather drive his car and carry less baggage. :)That's ok by me, I'd rather my hubby "enjoy" this experience with my son 'cuz my nerves ain't what they used to be! LOL!

    Now if my boy had wheels like those I would be afraid...very afraid! LOL!

    Hang on momma, hang on tight! Enjoy this new adventure with your boy and WEAR THAT SEATBELT. :)
    Much love!

  3. That brings back memories of teaching my son to drive, he was 18 and thought he owned the road, and every off road trail there was. Oh brother what an adventure. Now I know why Dad left this adventure up to me!

  4. AFwife99- I know, what were we thinking, allowing him to have a car like that in the first place right? Duh!!!

    Lisa, He even wants to drive my conversion van. THAT thought really scares me! And seat belts? Oh yeah! We never ever ride without those.

  5. That is too funny! That soooo sounds like something my newly licensed teenage daughter would say. My husband is all about fast cars and has gotten it in her blood. She just got her license last week, but thankfully she's been so busy she hasn't had time to drive.
    I stopped by your blog from another one I was visiting. It's one I'll definitely be coming back to. I'm interested in your RV adventures. We have a camper that we go to every weekend at the local campground. By the way, I'm hosting lots of giveaways right now that pertain to the outdoors and things that would be great to have in an RV.
    Have a great day!

  6. I remember those days. I just didn't have the cool to teach my son, had to turn that over to the hubby. Not looking forward to repeating this with daughter.

  7. No rush to teach my kids to drive! I'm happy to be working on the learning to bike ride years!

    Visiting from the blog hops and a new follower.

    Visit if you get the chance:

  8. Too funny! You never know what they are thinking until they open their mouths, huh? lol! Now following form Monday Madness. :)

  9. New follower from Monday Madness!


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