Saturday, April 24, 2010

You May be a Rude Camper...Part 2, The Bath House Edition

Yes…this is a continuation of my first post. You do know this is a great way for me to vent, right? Amazingly, most of my rude camper stories are believe it or not, focused around the bath house. Not sure why that is, but that is apparently where my pet peeves really run out of patience.

Okay…here goes…

    You may be a rude camper if…you leave all of your empty shampoo bottles and used razors in the shower for the next person to pick up.
    You may be a rude camper express yourself in many ugly, ugly 4 & 5 letter words in the presence of my 13 year old daughter and then give me dirty looks when I ask you to clean it up.
    You may be a rude camper if…you leave cigarette butts in the shower.
    You may be a rude camper if…you leave dirty clothes in the shower. For the life of me I can’t figure out how they fail to remember their clothes but this happens in the Men’s Restroom and infuriates my husband.
    You may be a rude camper if…you race to the bath house, don’t quite make it in time, poo all over the toilet seat and fail to clean up after yourself. That’s just gross!
    You may be a rude camper if…you leave used feminine products on the floor of the stall instead of disposing of them in the waste basket. Ewwww!

And we haven’t even gotten to what happens OUTSIDE of the bath house! Stay tuned…more to come….

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  1. Those last 2 are especially gross...I mean...really? Why would you do that?!


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