Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You may be a rude camper if.... hear me enter the bath house while you are in the shower and tell me you'll be right out. After waiting over ten minutes, you finally emerge from the shower and tell me that I may want to wait a bit because the water just got cold!

Need I say more?


  1. I'd say that is rude!

  2. I have had that same experience! How Rude!

  3. hmmmhmmm.... That is not very nice at all.....

    Or how about when....

    Other peoples kids decide to play kick ball with your soap and body scrubber because you forgot to bring them back with you and by the time you got back over there there were kiddos in there without adult supervision having at all your stuff!!

    That stinks too.... =(

  4. You might be a rude camper if....Your riding a bicycle down a trail marked walking trail only while hollering "excuse me!"

  5. what a bummer!! We are hoping to be on the road soon but are in the early stages.. waiting to find the right rig! Your blog is very inspiring!


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