Saturday, April 24, 2010

Can you say Freedom?

The forecast today called for Thunderstorms and Tornadoes. Not a pleasant combination. Especially since we've already experienced one tornado touching down near us while staying in the motor home.

Though we awoke to rain, the severe weather wasn't supposed to hit until 3:00 p.m. so my husband and I took the opportunity to hit the store for our weekly grocery run while the kids were still sleeping. By the time we returned, unloaded and found a place to put all of our provisions, the skies had cleared and we thought it would be safe to take our furbaby for a quick walk in between showers.

He was soooo excited to hear the "W" word that he began racing from the front to the back of the camper at full speed. Quite a site to see really. Since we replaced the carpet with the laminate flooring he runs to one end, slides, struggles to regain his grip and starts all over. One day I'll video it so you can all have a good belly laugh. Somehow we managed to get his leash on and get him outside while he was bouncing and jumping all around. You'd think he hadn't been outside for days by his reaction. Poor puppy. We walked to a nice shady area and turned him loose just as the rain drops started to fall. Unfazed, he raced around....

and around...

until he could run no more....

He was free and he was lovin' it!


  1. The freedom looks wonderful :) And, I hope you avoid the tornadoes - not my idea of fun, at all!

  2. That cannot be fun without a foundation or basement! The dog cracked me up though :)

  3. We just got all that rain, but none of the bad weather, it was predicated here also. Probablye received three inches of rain. Really happy to see the sun the next day.


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