Thursday, April 29, 2010

We All Need a Bit of Encouragement from Time to Time...

I’ve had some struggles over the past 11 years. Homeschooling is not always the easy path to tread. I don’t know how many times in those moments that I’ve had a conversation with a well meaning friend, and spilled my guts only to walk away not feeling built up, but completely ripped apart from the inside out.

Thankfully, the Lord led me to some moms that did encourage me. They didn’t condemn me and assume that their way of doing things was best. They didn’t tell me how ‘they would do things’. They didn’t boast in their accomplishments or pride but simply let me know that they had been where I’d been too. Realistically, all homeschool moms have struggled from time to time.

You can read the entire article, Have You Encouraged a Friend Today?, at the Homeschool Classroom here.


  1. I've had some great homeschool moms in our homeschool group who have encouraged me in that way. It is wonderful to know other moms have been where you are right now. :)

  2. I call that mommy guilt! Whether your homeschooling or not...we all get it. But I can tell you....YOUR AMAZING! You do such a great job...your kids are very lucky! =)

  3. YOU have encouraged me GREATLY by your comment on my blog!! I didnt realize how hard it would be to get rid of all of our stuff, emotionally AND physically! Thank you for the inspiring words, you have no idea how much I needed to hear them!

  4. I second guess myself all the time. I am blessed with a wonderful group of mothers in my homeschool group who encourage me all the time. It looks like you are always doing an incredible job.


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