Thursday, April 1, 2010

Poetry, anyone?


Anyone teaching poetry right now? I shared a fun story of our experience along with some of the resources we've enjoyed using. You can check out the post: Poetry, Pizza and Peacocks on The HSB Company Porch.

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  1. I can't believe that you homeschool while traveling around...that is just what I am planning to do next year. If I get the nerve. IT won't be full time traveling...but my husband travels 75% of the time...and I want us to be together as a family more! Plus he travels back east and I would love to show and teach my children about the founding fathers and our country! So I want to buy a motor home and hit the road with the kids! Crazy! I know! But you are already doing it! I am so excited to follow along!

    I am excited for you to do the fitness challenge with us! It really is fun and something the whole family can do together. I have little I just do it myself...but they love to watch me make healthier decisions, and then they do the same! =) Super Fun!


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