Sunday, February 14, 2010

What a Sweet thing to say...

We are planning a trip. And not a moment too soon. We've all been pent up a bit lately. Being used to hitting the road and going somewhere each day, it's been a huge adjustment for us to stay at the camper day after day. Originally when the transmission went out on my vehicle and we left it in Ohio- we'd planned to get a rental car every now and then. Well once we realized how much money we were saving with me not having a vehicle here...just on gas...saving money won out over renting a car. Until now.

Now we are at the point when we desperately want to escape. So we are planning a short, long weekend trip. We haven't decided yet if we'll take the camper or if we'll rent a car and stay in hotels. We've just started to plan.

I am trying to plan a trip that appeals to everyone. So far we are planning a trip to the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas followed by a day or two in San Antonio to take in the Alamo, Riverwalk district and the Texas Ranger Museum. We'll finish up by stopping in New Orleans to see the D-Day Museum. Somewhere along the way from San Antonio to New Orleans we need to add in a stop along the Gulf Coast.

I think this sounds wonderful, but my husband thought the fun was missing. So, we've added Six Flags to the mix. This is where the sweet quote comes in. We asked our children what they thought of adding Six Flags. My oldest blew me away when he sincerely answered..."I don't really care what we do...I just enjoy spending time with my family." How sweet is that? What a great kid. Of course then we had to tease him and tell him he was just looking for brownie points!

But now, I'd like to enlist the help of my readers. Does anyone have any pointers, places to eat in San Antonio? Campgrounds that you'd stay at again? Any money saving tips? How about New Orleans? Any family friendly attractions that you think we shouldn't miss? How about stopping along the coast? Any suggestions? It's always so great to gain wisdom from those who have gone before...


  1. That is an amazing comment, coming from a teenager!

  2. Wow, I am in awe of you and your family traveling abroad. What an enriched life you all will have. I can only imagine how home sick you must feel at times. What an incredible journey, something most people just dream about. And your surrounded with the people you love most.

    Best of wishes to you. Love your blog.

  3. We were just in SA last week. Eat at the Gristmill in Greune (near New Braunfels). Also, I saw a really nice RV campground along the river in SA. Not sure what the name was, but you should be able to find it in Google. Rudy's BBQ is also a popular local BBQ joint if you like BBQ. Have fun on your trip!

  4. I love your kids! :0) You could come with China....but I guess that would not be a short, long weekend trip. :p

  5. Wish I could come along for the ride. We are getting some cabin fever too.

  6. I'm so happy for you! I love being able to tag along through your blog as you have these ! I can't wait to see pictures. We studied the Alamo briefly this year, so it will be neat to show my kids.

    To answer your question, we would LOVE to swap Flat Stanley's with your family! I must warn you that we don't get out for adventures as much as your family does, so you'll need to give me about a month with your Stanley to get enough material to make it fun and interesting!

    My email is, so if you want to go ahead with the swap, you can email me your address and I'll send you mine!

    Lord bless your week, Tonya!

    A House On Fire

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  8. Tonya,

    Check Crater of Diamonds SP because a few weeks ago it was closed. I think till June ..maybe? If you love Mexican food check out the Market area in San Antonio. Mia Terra - i think- look on our blog at the San Antonio post. The restaurants on the River Walk are pricey. You have to go to Tip Top. Oh, the best Country Fried Steak ever. Huge portions, great prices, it is on the GPS and a must for Buttermilk Pie. I have so much to tell you about Texas. You can email me and I will email back with my number if you want to chat. I can't believe you are going to be in that area and we are gone. My daughter has been saying that she would love to meet your children. You know the "I never meet anyone my age" saying. I will try to gather my thoughts and fill you in when you call/email.

  9. You will love San Antonio. We went there a couple of years ago (my daughter performed in an International Teen Talent Comp for Church of Gods) and we really enjoyed the Riverwalk. LOVE the mall and Tony Roma's was really good, so was the Rainforest Cafe on the Riverwalk (more for the atmosphere though than the food), but I have heard that lots of the restaurants on the walk are good. You def need to take a river walk cruise (at night). New Orleans is great, but it was so hot when we went and we were only there over night on the way to and from Texas so I dont have any suggestions. Just be careful at night............and have fun!

  10. Melissa, you scared me! Crater of Diamonds is what prompted this trip! The campground is closed, but I don't think we'll be taking our camper on this trip. I'd love to pick your brain about the places you went to near SA! I kept telling my husband that there was another full-time family that just went and told him all about the adventures you'd had!

    Kristina, I have no desire to visit New Orleans at night! Can you say chicken? Yep, that's me!:) I know there are parts of the city that are beautiful, but I'm afraid I wouldn't know the difference between the two. A friend of mine visited a couple years ago and filled my ears with stories. Don't think I want to spend much time there with my kids.


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