Thursday, February 18, 2010


A few years ago I was introduced to the Flat Stanley or Flat Traveler program. If you aren't familiar with this program you can read about more about it here.

Basically, you design a character, exchange travelers with a host family along with a journal and information about the state you live in. They fill in the journal and take pictures of your traveler while it's away while you do the same for theirs. After predetermined amount of time, typically a week or so, you exchange travelers once more and you can read about all the neat places that your traveler was able to visit.

Sounds pretty neat doesn't it? Well though I'd heard about it, we never participated in a swap until now. I ran across Sara's post, Our Homeschool: Flat Stanley is Home and thought it would be fun to atleast host a traveler. So I left a comment offering to squeeze their Flat Stanley into our RV and she agreed. Be sure to stop by her blog and take a peak at the adventure their Stanley had!

Surprisingly, my teenagers decided they wanted to play along and create travelers of their own. So this week they designed their character, created a journal and are eager to send their travelers away. They are especially excited that the travelers are heading to Oregon. Somewhere we've never been.

My kids opted not to go with the Stanley character, but instead designed their own travelers. Wanna peak?

Meet Tin Can Man:


Military Guy:

Ready for deployment. Stay tuned for updates from their important month long mission.

Have you ever participated in the Flat Stanley or Flat Traveler program?


  1. Hi Tonya! I love what your kids came up with! Can't wait until they get here!

    I gave you a Beautiful Blogger award on my blog! You can get it here:

    Lord bless you!

  2. Hi Tonya, We participated in the Flat Stanley program adjusted to fit our family. Our children made a flat person resembling themselves. Check it out on our old blog. We had a lot of fun and tied in Geography with the return of our flat people. Enjoy

  3. Sarah, Thank you for the award! You made my day! Sadly, our travelers were detained, but I will drop them in the mail tomorrow. I'll let you know as soon as yours get here. The kids are making plans for them!:)

    Melissa, I had no idea that you had another blog! Off to take a peak!:)


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