Monday, February 15, 2010

Travel Tip: Don't Overplan

Another simple idea. Yet one I have a hard time following through. As I mentioned, we are in the process of planning a trip. I had everything planned. Dig for diamonds. Visit the Alamo. Check out the Riverwalk in San Antonio. Stop along the Gulf. D-Day Museum in New Orleans and back to our home base. Simple right? It was until I decided to take a peak and see what else was in the area. After all, we'll be visiting three states we've never been in. Today I discovered that the San Antonio area has a lot to offer. Like Six Flags and the Texas Ranger Museum. Not to mention the nearby National Museum of the Pacific War. Our simple long weekend trip is evolving into something we didn't want it to be. So I needed to stop and reflect. This trip was never intended to turn into...'Let's see everything there is to see in San Antonio at breakneck speed so we're all so stressed we need a vacation from our vacation'...sort of trip.

So, when you are trip planning, my advice is keep it simple and relax. Plan what you can't miss. You can always find something to add if you have more time later.

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  1. Great advice! When we try to cram to many activities into such a short time everyone gets grouchy, and what do we really learn? We enjoy taking our time and really experiencing where we are and what we are doing.


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