Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not Exactly Fine China

I've been searching for some new dinnerware that would actually match the decor of my camper. I wanted something really lightweight and durable. So far the only thing I'd found were cheap plastic plates, bowls and cups I'd picked up at Walmart. Certainly not the look I was going for. The red, white and blue clashed terribly with the brown and mauve interior. Though they worked for a time, I had never intended for them to become regular features in my cupboard.

I'd thought of replacing them with Corelle ware, but couldn't find a pattern that interested me. And though I'd spent quite a bit of time looking online and in every store I visited, I'd failed to find the perfect dinnerware set for our home on wheels. So, it was with great surprise that I found EXACTLY what I had in mind at Target when I wasn't even looking! These are acrylic, lightweight,chocolate brown and match perfectly to my updated decor.

Since I'd found what I wanted the only problem was determining how many place settings I would purchase. While at home I had a set of dishes to feed 20, we decided we don't really have the extra space for that now and settled on just enough for our family; five plates, five bowls and five tumblers. I guess if we do any entertaining we'll have to break out the Chinet. At least clean-up will be easy!


  1. Very elegant, Tonya! Perfect! :)

  2. Looks perfect! Congrats on the great find!

  3. Tonya,
    We just have to get together for dinner. I will bring my dishes from Target. They are white and red. I couldn't find blue. LOL However, your dishes look a lot more elegant. I will let you know when we are out your way. ;)

  4. Love it. Very modern looking.


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