Wednesday, February 24, 2010

.75 Cents Later

I have no intentions of turning this blog into one of those money saving blogs that I really love to read and learn so much from...but I really had to share this with you.

Look what I bought for under a buck!

I ran into CVS just to buy margarine and cookies for my husband. Since we planned to watch a movie I picked up some popcorn. Then I saw batteries on sale for Buy One, Get One Free and remembered I would need them for our upcoming trip. When I got to the register I pulled out my CVS books and coupons. Final cost- 75 cents.

Here's the proof, look closely.

Here are some of my favorite recently discovered money saving blogs.

Couponing to Disney

The Bargain Buggy

Do you play the Coupon Game? What are some ways that you save money in your household?


  1. What a great deal!! Way to go!

  2. Score! How cool is that! Don't you love it when you save major bucks at the store? It doesn't happen a lot on Maui.

  3. Wow! You are amazing!

    When you posted the links on Facebook, I took a look. To be honest, you know what it looks like to me??? A LOT OF WORK! LOL

    Is there a simple start-up guide or something? Pleeeeaaassseee???

    Lord bless you!


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