Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Travel Tip: Ask for Discounts

This week's travel tip is pretty basic, but often one even I myself don't always think of. Are you ready for it? Here it is...drumroll please...ask for discounts. Simple enough? Just ask. Everywhere you go. Why? Some discounts won't be offered unless you ask specifically for it. In fact, it may surprise you to know that some employees aren't even permitted to offer a discounted rate, even if one is available, unless...you ask. Think about it, why would a business give you a discount if you are willing to pay full price? So, take a minute and think of what type of discounts you could potentially be eligible for. Do you belong to AAA, AARP (50 and older), Good Sam's? Do you qualify for a senior discount or student pricing? Are you a pastor, educator, fireman, policeman or member of the military? Just asking may save you money.

What memberships do you have that could possibly save you money? Know of one that isn't listed? Please share...

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