Friday, February 26, 2010

All I Wanted was a Picture

I love to take pictures. It’s kind of crazy, but sometimes I plan what pictures I want to take before a trip.

On this trip I’d planned a couple shots that I didn’t want to miss. I wanted to take pictures along the way as we cross over each state line. This doesn’t normally work for us because we often cross into each state on a crazy three or four lane interstate; somewhere that would feel life threatening to stop and snap a frivolous picture.

Okay, maybe that’s not completely true. I’ll be honest. It’s not the highway that’s stopped me, it’s been my husband’s unwillingness to pull over- but I’m sure it’s only because he has our safety in mind.

Well today was different. Today we crossed into Mississippi on a slow moving highway. I had my chance to snap the elusive State Line Picture when all of a sudden, our beloved pound pal and faithful travel companion had a slight accident on my son.

I won’t humiliate my son by telling you which one it was or releasing further details I’ll just say that this type of thing hasn’t happened before and all I can think of is the tablets I gave my puppy to relax him must have made him a bit too comfortable. Let’s just say he was a wee bit too relaxed. Needless to say in that bit of unexpected excitement, I completely forgot about taking the picture.

Hmmmm….maybe next time...


  1. LOL! Im sorry you missed your picture, and I hope the puppy (and your son) are okay....but it was a bit funny! lol

    NEXT state line......make sure everyone knows you want NO interruptions! lol

  2. Sorry to hear about the accident and missed photo. Perhaps you will look back in a few years and be able to laugh at it all. I hope you have a great trip!

  3. That would have been a memorable picture! lol :)

  4. My husband has laughed at me many times when we are in the middle of a crisis and I'm yelling for someone to bring me the camera, LOL!


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