Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ohio Road Trip Part 1

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Well, I’ve already learned that blogging and tweeting from the road is an easy concept to think about but not so easily implemented. I have a few kinks to work out, but then, that was the idea for a trial run, right?

First of all, I’ve not been able to figure out how to add a mobile status update to my Facebook page without it posting to my personal page  instead of Live the Adventure’s. Any ideas?

I also have been unable to Tweet pictures from the road.

Other than those few hitches, the the road trip itself is going well despite the fact that we got off to a late start. I’d planned to leave Alabama Thursday night, but we didn’t leave until later Friday morning which called for a change of plans. I wasn’t able to make a couple of the stops I’d planned along the way, but I’m hoping to make those up on the way back to Alabama.

So, this is what our road trip has looked like so far…

 Ohio road trip 009

After our late start, we passed into Tennessee rather quickly which really made us feel like we were making progress.  

Ohio road trip 013 I love Nashville’s skyline. I had hoped to make a quick stop here but the metropolis is fairly close to our home so we can make that trip another time. 

Ohio road trip 014

We passed into Kentucky and though I thought about stopping at Mammoth Caves, we decided to go in search of the World’s Largest Bat. We found not one, but two. Any guesses on where we were?  I’ll share more on this later.

Ohio road trip 024

  Ohio road trip 027

And don’t forget that Maureen from Spell Out Loud graciously allowed Lil Pumpkin to join us on our trip and we’ve picked up a few goodies for her along the way. It just so happens that Maureen is giving away a fun Road Trip Curriculum, how fun is that?  

I always love to see the Cincinnati skyline because it means that I’m almost where I need to be! Ohio road trip 031

Stay tuned as I spend the next two days in Ohio on our very brief, but so far, very fun Ohio Road Trip!

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Until tonight ~ Happy Road Trippin’!


  1. LOL! I love it! Have a safe trip!

  2. Hey that's my skyline! Did you wave to me as you drove past the Queen City?

    I have determined that my family is a big bunch of nerds. We're driving through Nashville in May. What's the one thing we are stopping to see? The Parthenon in Centenniel Park :)

  3. Could you be at the Louisville Slugger Museum in Louisville?? I have been there & I am originally from southern Indiana about 30 minutes north of KY, I lived in Louisville for awhile about 23 years ago. I'm stopping by on the Blog Walk.

  4. Stopping by from the TOS Blog Walk.. We lived in KY back in 2005. We loved visiting the baseball bat museum.. The kids still talk about it after all these years.. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your road trip with me :) I'm strolling through on the Blog Walk.

  6. Yep, The Louisville Slugger Museum it is and the other blood sucking giant bat was only three blocks down the road. :)

  7. I did wave to you! Didn't you see me? We love your skyline because that means that our drive is nearly over. :) The Parthenon is cool. We had planned to stop at the Tennessee State Museum because they have a cool Egyptian exhibit right now that is free.


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