Monday, April 11, 2011

Ohio Road Trip: Day 2 & 3

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Well, both Day Two and Three of our Ohio Road Trip have come and gone and I have no pictures to share. Can you believe that I lost me camera? What’s up with that?

Two days of  meet ups with old friends and family, more driving and very little sleep! It’s a good thing that I’m one of those people that feels so much better with little sleep.

Visiting Ohio is always a bit stressful because we want to visit everyone and we never have time to do that. Someone always feels that we didn’t spend enough time with them and is slightly hurt, not realizing that we always leave wishing there were more people we could have seen and spent time with.

Though I had planned to visit some of our favorite attractions in the Ohio area, on Saturday I realized that maybe I had been a bit overly ambitious with planning. After all, if you haven’t seen a wonderful friend for 2 or 3 years, wouldn’t you rather spend a few minutes with them over coffee than go to the state park?

The entire reason for our trip was to attend my sister-in-laws baby shower. I hope we haven’t bored our traveler to death! 

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Though we’d planned to hit the road bright and early Monday morning to return to Alabama, I’ve finally accepted the fact that it is easier for me to stay up then wake up and we got a head start by leaving Sunday night. We only drove for three hours before stopping, but that means today we’ll only drive for seven. Sometimes it’s just nice to break up the trip.

So, we’re hoping to find something to do today so that you’ll actually feel that this is a road trip worth following.

Until later~ Happy Roadtrippin’!

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